Monday, 26 December 2016

Hostess Gifts to Bring on a House Party!

When someone invites you to their house to celebrate, show your appreciation by getting them a hostess gift. Begin by thinking about their personality and their style of entertaining, then choose an item that they will actually enjoy. Do you require some suggestions? Here are some hostess gifts they will love!

1. Homemade edible gifts

There are so many scrumptious homemade edible gifts that will bring a smile to the face of your host and hostess. From cute minty treats to melted dark chocolate cookies, there is so much that you can create in your kitchen. Bring in vanilla and chocolate cake pops dipped in luxurious Belgian chocolate decorated with adorable drizzles.

Another great gift is a cake. You will find hundreds of tasty recipes over the internet. A delicious cake with frosting in between and covered in homemade buttercream is bound to be the host’s new favorite. If baking goodies on your own seems like a task, you can always purchase them from a provider. Make sure they use only the highest quality ingredients to create one-of-a-kind treats.

2. Wine gift basket

What’s a party without wine and champagne? A wine gift basket can boast of famous wines, paired expertly with gourmet foods, such as cheddar cheese and crisp crackers.

But what’s classier than wine, and does not stain your teeth, and is bubbly to drink? Champagne. This drink is certainly a great way to pop fun into any kind of occasion, whether it is New Year, Christmas, or an anniversary. This is why a champagne gift basket can be a hit among the hosts! Pair it with an assortment of gourmet snacks and you are good to go!

3. Customized chocolate gift tower

A customized chocolate gift tower is just what you need to add to the flavor of the party. Choose a range of chocolate products that are made with only the best ingredients, so they taste divine. These towers are a perfect gift for the hosts. You can snuggle in impressive selection of gourmet chocolate snacks and treats. Complete with velvety chocolate peanuts and wafer petites!

4. Coffee gift baskets

There is no morning that is complete without a hot cup of coffee. So, why not enrich the host’s day with a delicious coffee basket. Choose a gourmet coffee gift basket that comes with everything they will need to transform their morning routine into a ritual. And to add to the ritual, snuggle in scrumptious chocolates and cookies that they can enjoy with their cup. To make the coffee basket more interesting you can also add a couple of mugs and coasters.

Showing that you are grateful is easy if you stay a little creative and thoughtful with your gift selection. A gift loaded with gourmet sweets and treats, like coveted wines, fresh fruits, and decadent desserts, offers the perfect complement to any party. The gesture will also make your hosts feel more appreciated and loved.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Mend a Broken Heart with a Gift Basket

Is a dear one going through the misery of trying to forget about someone they once loved? One of the best ways to help them through this tough time is to find a gift that will make them smile. Here are a few gift basket ideas for a broken hearted friend.

A Wine Gift Basket:

Your breakup wine basket can come filled with red or white wine, dark chocolates, truffles, pretzels, cheese, and much more. This generous gift will surely put a smile on your loved one’s face as they devour each and every content. Snuggle in a couple of break up mix cd’s you feel they will love and you are good to go!

Spa Gift Basket:

Your friend refuses to go on a vacation or spa? No problem. Bring the spa to them! Help them heal their upset heart quickly with a basket full of spa essentials.  There is so much that you can include in your package such as, bathroom slippers, amazing assortment of essential oils, shower products, bath products, moisturizers, loofa, and the like. In addition, you can also sneak in few of their favorite snacks such as, cookies and wine bottles that they can relish while taking a long, wonderful bubble bath.

Gourmet Delights:

Chocolates for breakfast? Why not? Your friend deserves these sweet treats while in grief. Gift them a care package full of the most delicious gourmet delights from around the world. Snuggle in different varieties such as, chocolate dipped peanuts, chocolate cookies, caramel filled chocolate bars, chocolate wafers, dark chocolate, and much more! Apart from their delicious flavor, chocolates also help in releasing happy hormones inside a person, helping them relax.

Don’t hold back! Put in anything that is chocolate! Hot chocolate, chocolate blocks, truffles, chocolate biscuits, cupcakes, brownies, chocolate spreads, and anything that you feel your loved one will love!

Coffee Gift Baskets:

There is nothing like a hot cup of coffee to comfort you after an unhappy event. A selection of gourmet coffees, coffee beans coated with chocolate, coffee candies, cakes, and dark chocolate can all add to the experience. You can also snuggle in a cute coffee mug. Your friend will be overwhelmed by your creativity and thoughtfulness.

The Beer Lover:

It is easy to please a beer lover. He or she will be more than grateful with a range of beer, a beer holder, and some edibles that can be pared with the drinks. Also, if your budget allows, add in a couple of movies that they can watch while drinking their way to glory.

These break-up gifts will show your broken hearted friend that they are not alone. You can also personalize these baskets further if you know your dear one’s habits, personality, and hobbies.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Halloween Party Favors

Trick or treat? It can be tricky to pick the perfect Halloween favor, but with just a little creativity you can come up with something that’s deliciously spooky. Bewitching cookies and ghoulishly good candies are some unique trinkets. Make sure you read through our ideas for hauntingly memorable favors! 

Halloween pumpkin party delights

With this gift basket, there will only be treats – no tricks- Snuggle in a perfect blend of Choco chip cookies, a personalized plush bear in a pumpkin costume, ideal for any spooky holiday celebration. Choose from pumpkin pie taffy, sour patch candies, Halloween candies, Wonka candies and an assortment of Jack-o-Lantern sugar cookies. Hand these scrumptious favors to trick-or-treaters or place the baskets on table tops for everyone to enjoy!

Sweet towers

Display your joy at the Halloween party by giving away baskets full of treats that will leave everyone craving for more! In fact make your recipients jump with joy when they open your personalized sweet towers!

There is so much that can be put into these containers, including, creamy milk chocolates, orange and black pumpkin candies, yogurt dipped pretzels, gourmet caramel popcorn, chocolate truffles, black and orange jelly beans and several other spooky Halloween delights.

Halloween gift basket Cauldron

A Halloween gift basket Cauldron is a wonderful way to say thank you to the guests for coming over. Display these tasty baskets on the dessert table, or give them away as a parting favor. These delightful nibbles are the best way to win everyone over! You can snuggle in mini Halloween candy bars and orange and raspberry hard candies, classic candies, and delicious chocolate truffles. You can even personalize the basket with messages and other treats.

Personalized cookies

Who doesn't love the melting goodness when biting into gourmet cookies? Share the joy this season with perfectly bite-sized portion of cookie treats. The gift basket can also be personalized with labels. Snuggle in pumpkin pie dessert cookies, Ghirardelli Cinnamon crunch squares, cookie bites, pecan shortbread cookies, and much more. These treats also make great party snacks!

For a special Halloween party, these gift baskets make the perfect favors. The containers allow you to showcase delicious sweet treats that are packed inside. Customize the package with Halloween themed colors, and a special message that you know your guests will appreciate. The sophisticated but fun look of these favors will only add to decoration to your already bedazzled event, and their simple and easy-to-grab handles make them the perfect package for guests to take home and relish!

Friday, 23 September 2016

Five Unique Gift Basket Ideas You Should Try

Expensive gift wrapped in an attractive box has a charm of its own. It is always exciting to receive such a basket as you keep anticipating what will tumble out of the box! On the other hand if you want to present such wonderful moments to your loved ones then it is important that you know how to plan the perfect gift basket. The one thing to keep in mind in this regard is that planning a gift is not always about including costly items but it’s more about conveying your love and care thoughtfully.

The gift basket concept has become quite popular these days as it fits every budget and appeals to all. Discussed below are five unique gift basket ideas which are not just affordable but quite attractive too!

Organic Gluten Free Gift Basket

If you are planning the gift for someone who has dietary restrictions then try out gluten-free gift basket. The idea also suits those who prefer food items that come with the organic tag only. Such a basket can include fresh seasonal fruits, organic cheese, crackers, organic pistachios, green tea and other such items. It always helps if you have some prior idea about the recipient’s preferences in this regard.

Wine and Snacks Basket

The combination itself sounds enticing. Bring such a basket for a week-end party and your friends will thank you for that! The celebration can start with some refreshing wine, dried apricot, roasted sea salt almonds followed by some creamy mild flavored cheese. You can try out other combinations as well to make the basket even more appealing.

Assorted Cookies Bouquet

Gift her beautifully arranged bouquet with freshly baked chocolate cookies inside and make the day memorable for her. With cookies you can find out umpteen ways to surprise your loved ones. For instance you can fill up a beautiful vase, treasure chest or any other eye-catching gift container with fresh cookies of different flavors. If you know his/her choice of cookies, even better!

Spa Products Basket

If you are planning a gift for your girlfriend or a special friend then a soothing spa gift can never go wrong. You can pick up a theme basket containing specific flower products like rose, jasmine, lavender, melon, Hydrangea, citrus and so on. Generally the Spa gift basket contains shower gel, bath soap, moisturizing cream, body butter, body lotion and similar items. You can always incorporate new items which you are sure will be loved by her.

Theme Based Basket

A theme based gift basket is suggested if you know the particular occasion or is very confident of own innovativeness. Typically theme baskets encompass occasions and events like birthday, baby shower, marriage anniversary, Halloween, Christmas, Fall, Holiday gift, Get-well-soon, Thank you and many more. The best part about theme based basket is that you can include different combinations of items and personalize it the way you want.

Now that you have some interesting gift ideas, make sure you pick up the best items for the basket, package it attractively and send it to your dear one in time. If you are not sure of handling so many tasks on your own then hire a gifting expert to arrange the perfect gift basket for you!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

4 Upscale Gift Ideas

Some special occasions or special people deserve a gift that’s different and classy. Gifts may be available in the market galore but when it comes to selecting items belonging to the higher echelons, making a choice may seem like a daunting task. If you are thinking of designer or luxury gifts to celebrate special people or occasions, here are some ideas from which you can take your pick:
  1. Godiva Chocolates: When you think of premium, fine chocolates, you are bound to think of Godiva chocolates. Considered the finest luxury chocolates the world over, every box of Godiva chocolates is a delight to receive. Ever since its inception in 1926, the brand has retained its magic despite changing hands. From gift baskets that pack a lot of Godiva riches such as assorted Godiva chocolates and milk chocolate, Godiva caramels to an assortment of milk chocolate cashews and chocolate covered pretzels, you would surely enjoy choosing a mouthwatering luxury treat for your chocolate loving recipient.
  2. Wine gift baskets: Nothing can beat a classy bottle of wine to get the party started. From classic California wines like Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon to California white wine and California red wines (cabernet,merlot, zinfandel etc), wine gift baskets pack class and pleasure in equal proportions. To make your gift more luscious, you can add a bouquet of tasty snacks to go with your bottle of wine. This may include roasted almonds, focaccia crisps, gourmet crackers, chocolate caramel cookies, cheese and salted, roasted mixed nuts, to name just a few.
  3. Gourmet delicacies: Delicious food can be an ice breaker and conversation starter in any setting. Whether you need to appease the palate of friends and family,or want some delicious gourmet food for colleagues, gift baskets packing a variety of gourmet delicacies can be your savior. From nuts, cookies, cheese, and chocolates to organic fruits and foods made for people with dietary restrictions (such as diabetics and those on a gluten-free diet), you won’t run out of choices for sure. Just keep the taste preferences of your recipients in mind while picking gourmet delicacies so that your gift baskets have something for every palate.
  4. Sympathy gifts with a difference:When life gives someone ablow,s/he needs comfort and support from near and dear ones. Sending heartfelt sympathy gifts with a touch of class and elegance would be the ideal thing to do in such cases. Gifts that pack angel figurines or comforting words along with some gourmet foods are the perfect choice to strike the right chord of sympathy and help heal, comfort, inspire and protect your recipients.
Upscale gift ideas just don’t refer to gifts with a pricey tag. Rather, it’s all about the gifts, how well they are appreciated by the people they are meant for, and the thought and care that goes into selecting them. And of course, being different from run-of-the-mill varieties too help them ooze a class of their own. So, the next time you are shopping for upscale gifts, use these ideas to make a good choice.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Gift Ideas for Your Teacher

If you thought that the job of a teacher finishes once the school hours are over, think again. Teachers are often considered second parents to students who teach them the difference between right and wrong, help them tide through difficulties with their love and advice, and mould them to grow into responsible citizens of the country. In today’s fast paced world where the job of a teacher has become almost a thankless routine, it would be nice to appreciate the work they are doing for your children and the society. Since choosing gifts for a teacher is a tough proposition, we bring a few gift ideas from which you can take your pick:
  1. Wellness gifts: In between correcting students’ work, taking recess duty, buying teacher supplies and organizing book clubs, teachers often don’t get time to have proper meals. Thus, they end up neglecting their own health. You can gift them a wellness bouquet packed with fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies that would help them eat healthy and stay fit.
  2. Gourmet gifts: Most people love gourmet chocolates and crispy cookies and teachers are no different. Be it delicious, freshly baked cookies, chocolate mint bars, pretzels, peanuts, chocolate drizzled caramel popcorn,or the classic Godiva chocolates, you can send some mouthwatering gourmet treats for your child’s teacher to show appreciation for their hard work.
  3. Books and pens: These are the most common gifts for teachers. You can either select a pack of the teacher’s favorite books and pens as gift, or look for things that will be helpful in the classroom. Gifting fun and useful learning materials for both children and teacher, or buying a bunch of colorful pens that can be used in the art and craft class are good gift ideas worth exploring.
  4. Thank You gifts: Most teachers take up this profession because they care about the students and love watching them learn, grow and accomplish great things. They don’t have expectations of getting gifts around the holidays or other occasions and are simply grateful for the opportunity to teach your child. Still, thanking them for making the world a better place would be a good gesture. From “Thank You” themed gift boxes packed with delicious munchies to organic gifts, handcrafted gift cards, colorful flower bouquets and gifts monogrammed with the teacher’s name, you will get many choices to select from.
Spa gifts, hobby/sports gifts, or home d├ęcor gifts too can be given to the teachers but unless you know the teacher well and are aware of his/her preferences, it’s better to give these a miss for the safe gift options like the ones mentioned above.  You may even consider gifting games and other activities for indoor recess to help teachers. Another interesting gift idea would be to volunteer to help your child’s teacher in any way you can (helping during art class or a field trip, making copies of a document, organizing book orders etc). At the end, it’s all about the feeling of appreciation, which would make the teacher love your gift.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

How to Put Together the Perfect Gift Basket for Your Loved Ones

When buying gift baskets for your loved ones, you want to find something that appeals to your recipients and make them feel happy. At the same time, you also want your gifts to be different from other run-of-the-mill varieties that your recipients often receive. All these make gift giving no easy task. Still, you don’t have to fret and fume as there are a few simple ways to make your gift work. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Create variety: Packing a bunch of similar flowers or chocolates or fruits may be the simplest way to give gifts but they show a lackluster attitude and often appear boring to your recipients. To steer clear of such boredom and predictability, break the monotony and bring some variety in your gifts’ content. You can mix and match a variety of colorful flowers in your bouquet or pack a little bit of various food items (chocolates, cookies and other munchies) to create an interesting gift for your loved ones.
  • Choose quality over quantity: The primary reason why you give gifts is to show you love and care for the recipients. Quite naturally, cutting corners shouldn’t feature on your gift giving itinerary. Though you should have a budget for gifts, opting for something inferior in quality just because it would help you save a few dollars won’t be a prudent thing. Compromising with quality won’tgo well with your recipients and may hurt your image and credibility too. Thus, it becomes important to emphasize on quality when choosing gifts for those who matter to you.
  • Picking a theme: This is a good way to pack things in your gift baskets if you are at a loss about what to pick. For instance, you can choose “spa” as your theme and pack things such as scented candles, bath soap, loofah and exfoliating massager that let your recipients enjoy a relaxing spa session right at home. For sports enthusiasts, you can pickgears to play a sport. Thus, a golf enthusiast’s gift basket can have tees, divot tools, golf balls,ball markersand golf towels. The trick is to pick a theme and select things that go with the chosen theme to create unique gift baskets.
  • Customize your gift: Anyone can buy a gift and send it to his/her recipients. What sets a gift apart from the rest is thethought and effort that goes into it.When you invest time and effort into a gift toensure its content would be cherished by your recipient, it goes on to show your love and care for that person. A little handwritten note or packing something that has an emotional connect are ways you can personalize your gift baskets. A handful of online gift stores allow you to customize your gifts where you simply have to tell what specific items you want to be packed and it’ll be done promptly.

The next time you pick gifts for your loved ones, use these ideas to make your recipients love them and perhaps even smile from ear to ear.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Gift Baskets for the Elderly

Finding the ideal gift idea for an aged person is often a tough proposition. Whether you are looking to buy gifts for an elderly family member or friend, or need some gifts for seniors in assisted living, a lot of careful planning and thinking need to go into the act to finally get the right gift. From the freshest of organic, handpicked fruits and gourmet chocolates to classic or award-winning wines, you have a lot to choose from. If you are struggling to decide what would be a good gift for seniors, here are some gift basket ideas that will be loved by them for sure:
  1. Fruits: A basket full of your recipient’s favorite fruits would be a good idea to help him/her live a healthy life while tasting delicious, fresh picks of the season. However, it’s best to select gift baskets with a small quantity as food gifts are perishable. Keeping the senior’s dietary restrictions in mind, if any, is another important thing to do while shopping for fruit gift baskets.
  2. Organic Gift Baskets: If your elderly recipient has a penchant for eco-friendly items, let him/her enjoy nature’s bounty with organic delicacies. From delicious, high-quality, farm fresh, sustainably grown fruits, organic cheeses, crackers and organic dried strawberries to organic California cabernet sauvignon, you have a lot to choose from.
  3. Relaxation Gift Baskets: This is somewhat of an unconventional gift where you treat the elderly to the fragrant pampering and joy of a spa vacation right at home. All you need is to select gift baskets that include bath lotions, gels, stress relieving aroma oils and delicious treats to let your recipient have a relaxing time in the comfort of his/her home.
  4. Wine: From a premium selection of fine wine gifts to gift baskets where world famous wines are expertly paired with delicious gourmet foods, you can never go wrong with this. Most seniors love their wine and a few are even quite attached to their bottles of red wine, thanks to the health benefits it brings their way. Depending on what your recipient’s preference is, you can select wine gift baskets to bring a smile on his/her face.
  5. Gifts for those with Dietary Restrictions: Once in their golden years, seniors often have specific nutritional needs, which make it difficult to find food gifts for them. The difficulty level goes a few notches up if he/she has dietary restrictions due to diabetes, high blood pressure or other ailments. However, this shouldn’t be a cause of concern as reputed online stores offer sugar-free and gluten-free food gift baskets to let seniors with dietary restrictions enjoy delicious treats.
Many seniors are somewhat isolated due to their limited physical mobility or inability to drive. This even makes it difficult for them to shop for items of everyday use. Thus, you can select a few items of daily use to gift them. But above all, give them your time and select gifts that will make them feel special and loved.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Corporate Gift Baskets for all Seasons

Unlike personal gifts, choosing corporate gifts requires careful planning. Be it gifts for your employees and managers, or for your clients and business partners, you need to keep their preferences in mind and find suitable options within your predetermined budget. From gourmet delights to flowers to sports gift baskets, the market today offers a lot of variety in terms of corporate gifts that can meet a wide range of budget. All you need to do is decide what you would like to shop for and then visit an online store of your choice to place your order.

What to Buy?

The moment you say corporate gifts, most people will think about the usual stuff - from leather and leatherette gifts, portfolio/laptop/office/travel bags, to card holders, wallets, organizers and office stationery with your brand name embossed on them. But have you ever wondered that most people won’t want to add to their collection of five leather bags, three pieces of luggage, a dozen folders, or four pairs of golf shoes. So, why don’t you think something different the next time you are planning to buy corporate gifts? 

Gourmet delights are a good way to strengthen bonds – be it with your employees or business partners and clients. From Godiva chocolates to cakes and cookies, you can take your pick from a wide variety available at reputed online gift stores. Organic or seasonal fruit baskets can also be considered, especially if your recipients emphasize on living a healthy life.   

Classy wine gift baskets are ideal for high-end clients and business partners. From Dom Perignon champagne and Chardonnay wine to a variety of prized California wines, these gift baskets offer a lot of variety to choose from. Many of these baskets also pack some gourmet snacks to complement the wine, which make them just the right thing for year round occasions.

In case your recipients are sports lovers, you can gift them, sports merchandise from limited golf collections, duffel bags, and gift baskets that pack a few sports equipment along with some delicious cookies to help the players replenish themselves in between a round of play. 

Why buy Customized Gift Baskets?

Rather than buying run-of-the-mill products, you should focus on useful things that will serve a purpose or two in the recipient’s life. After all, a standard trophy or plaque that sits in a cabinet or hangs on a wall only to collect dust is not ideal. Rather, opt for useful things and customize them to make your recipients feel special. 

From adding a personalized note to creating a gift basket that packs an assortment of goodies loved by the recipient, you can take small steps that would provide your recipients with a unique experience, making them feel appreciated and happy. Even when the gifts are no more, they will still remember how your gifts made them feel and always cherish the experience and your thoughtfulness. It is this human bond that will help you to maintain close ties with your employees, clients and business partners, thus taking your business to the next level.

So, choose corporate gifts that befit the recipient and the occasion, create goodwill, make your brand presence felt, and help you to strengthen relations.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Romantic Gift Baskets for Your Love

The month of February is synonymous with romance. However, why should you limit your romantic gestures just to 14th February when love is a celebration that can be enjoyed every single day of the year? In case you are feeling ready to go and woo your love with gifts galore, here are some ideas that would surely bring a smile on your recipient’s face and strengthen the bond of your romance:

  • Chocolates: Though chocolates are projected as a woman’s favorite, men too like to be gifted with a boxful of chocolates. So, whichever side of the gender divide you stand, chocolate gift baskets can be a sure winner when it comes to picking romantic gifts for your beloved. Just make sure to opt for classic chocolates or gourmet chocolates that melt in the mouth and leave a rich aftertaste. After all, you should give into the sinful pleasure of eating chocolates, no holds barred.
  • Wine: Raising a toast can’t be done without a glass of classic wine. These days, you can shop online to take your pick from a variety of premium selection of fine wine and personalized wine gift baskets that are sure to up the romance quotient of any occasion. A few selected online stores even pair their wine gift baskets with gourmet foods and let you add a personal note to the gift, thus making the entire gift giving experience bear a personal touch of your love and caring attitude.
  • Delicious Nibbles: Romancing that special someone with gift baskets could often seem like an uphill task. If you are bewildered about what to choose on a date night or a movie night, a sure winner would be to pick up some food baskets packed with cookies, cheese, chocolates and other delicious munchies. From Epicurean cookies, Monterey Jack cheese, Nunes Farms almonds, olives, sourdough crackers and Bellagio hot chocolate, to classic wafer cookies, Jer's caramel squares, Ghirardelli milk chocolate and caramel bars, hot fudge brownie, Dolcetto pastry cookies, sugar cookies, salted caramel chocolate chip cookies and butter toffee pretzels, you will be spoilt for choices.
  • Sports Gift Baskets: From football and baseball gifts, to fishing and golf gift baskets, you can choose a suitable one for your sporty valentine. Coming packed with all the gear and at times, some delectable munchies to enjoy the game that the basket is meant for, such gifts are sure to bring a smile on the face of your partner. Thus, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that for the sports enthusiast, hardly anything else can beat such gifts.
  • Flowers: Though primarily considered a feminine gift, flowers and bouquets these days are equally acceptable gifts for both the genders. Thus, whether it’s a single rose or a bouquet of flowers in various colors, you can take your pick from myriad blooms available in a variety of colors to brighten the day and spread a cheer.

Love and romance are feelings that don’t need a specific day. You can make every single day romantic for your partner with small gestures and well planned gifts. Use the gift ideas mentioned above to set the right romantic tone to woo your love this season.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tips to Select Gifts by Occasion

For many, buying gifts for loved ones, friends or office colleagues is nothing short of a distress. If you belong to this league of troubled men and women as well, who are afraid of being invited to parties for the fear of buying gifts, take heart for we have an easy solution for your dilemma of what to buy. Simply select gifts by occasions and you will no longer have to play guessing games, thinking about whether to buy a bouquet, a card, a box of chocolates or something else for the party or occasion that you have been invited to.

Here are some gift categories that will make your gift buying endeavor simpler: 

  • Birthday Gift Baskets: Birthdays are all about celebrating your special day with your loved ones. From a birthday gift basket of delectable, crunchy cookies, to a pack of Godiva chocolates, birthday candles, or a bouquet of colorful flowers, you should think of something that your recipient will be very happy to get.
  • Wedding and Anniversary Gift Baskets: To spread the cheer, you can opt for some classic wine or a bright colored bouquet. If your recipients have a penchant for wine, you could even think about personalized wedding and anniversary gift baskets that pack a cabernet sauvignon, a few bottles of delectable wine such as a rich Merlot and a Chardonnay, among others. Chocolates or gift baskets that include delicious sweets, chocolates, wafers and crunchies too can make for delicious wedding and anniversary gifts.
  • Thank You Gift Baskets: If you want to say someone a deserving “Thank You” today, nothing can match a personalized “Thank You” gift basket. While friends can be thanked with a bountiful of chocolates and cookies, a teacher would deserve a bunch of flowers tied neatly and accompanied by a handwritten note. You may even pick a spa gift basket for your mother or aunt, or gift your sports loving dad a golf gift basket to show how thankful you truly are. Gratitude can’t be delivered better than this!
  • Sympathy Gift Baskets: When words fail to console someone going through a hard time, let sympathy gift baskets do the talking. With carefully chosen sympathy gifts, you can send your condolences when words alone won't do. From a basket full of ready-to-eat snacks (such as cheese, crackers, peanuts, chocolates, cookies, cheese biscuits etc), to one that’s thoughtfully personalized to include gourmet foods and treasured memories, you can take your pick to send loving wishes of sympathy and peace.
  • Get Well Gift Baskets: An apple a day keeps a doctor away - inspired by this adage, you can opt for a gift basket that packs fresh, juicy apples. Feel better cookies; a speedy recovery basket that packs a snack mix, puzzle books and bookmarks, soothing soups and tea, water crackers, cookies and candies as well as playing cards etc would also be good gifts to buy. You may even consider buying goodies such as fruit gems, Granola bars, Kit Kat, M&M Peanut etc that would make any ill person feel better!

Use these tips and shop by occasions to find how gift giving can be an enjoyable experience.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Gift Ideas for Christmas 2015

As the holiday season is already upon us, it’s time to look forward to some fun and laughter with friends and family. The festive season is that time of the year when you give and receive gifts. Most of you must have already completed buying gifts but if you are still brooding upon what to buy for your loved ones, we have some ideas to help.

Spa Gift Baskets: Holidays can be stressful and anxious, as you have to clean the house, feed your guests, keep a close eye on their comfort and even participate in the fun and laughter, and also playing the perfect host. So, an unusual gift could be a spa gift vouched for your host. In case you are the host, you may gift your guests a day at the local spa where they can spend some blissful hours while being treated by the spa therapists.

Holiday Treats: No holiday can be complete without delicious treats and Christmas is no different. So, from cakes and cookies to muffins, munchies and other tasty treats, you can take your pick and pack all the goodies in a gift basket, which can then be gifted to your near and dear ones.

Holiday Fruits: If you want to steer clear of the routine chocolate gifts that people gift or receive on holidays, you can take a healthy route instead and opt for holiday fruit gift baskets. Whether you are looking for handpicked fresh and seasonal fruits, or need a bouquet showcasing gourmet fruits, chocolates, nuts and much more, you will get them all across several online stores.

Upscale Gift Baskets: Holidays are the perfect time to splurge and let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. So, if budget isn’t a constraint and you are ready to splurge to your heart’s content, you can set your eyes on some exotic and upscale gift baskets. From gourmet chocolates and classic wines to baskets filled with a fresh and juicy selection of organic fruits and vegetables, you will have a lot to select from.

Golf Gift Baskets: This isn’t an idea worth considering for everyone. However, if you are looking for gifts to give those for whom golf isn't just a sport, but a way of life instead, a golf gift basket would be the best bet. Whether your recipient is just starting out with the game or has already perfected to tee in style, these gift baskets, which pack a few equipment to play the sport and even have gourmet goodies to keep the players fueled up to play with passion, would be loved for sure.

You will find a wide variety of holiday gift baskets apart from the ones mentioned here. Whatever you decide to choose, ensure to add a personal note to your gifts and pack them in a personalized manner to make them stand apart from the crowd.

So, go ahead and pick some of these Christmas gifts to spread the holiday cheer.