Wednesday, 23 December 2015

4 Fall Gift Ideas

Fall is the season of festivities and holidays. After bearing the sweltering summer heat and before the long, dark nights of winter descend upon you, it’s finally the season when you can stay outdoors, have fun and enjoy the beauty of the nature as the leaves turn red and there’s a nip in the air. No wonder that this is also the season of giving gifts to your loved ones.

If you are looking for gifts to suit varied tastes and preferences this fall, here are some ideas to make your gift giving endeavor somewhat easy:

1. Chocolate Gift Baskets

If you are looking for a great excuse to usher your Christmas celebrations a bit earlier this year, what better way is there than to gift chocolate gift baskets? You may either opt for a basket full of delicious chocolates that will make your recipient ask for more or go a step further and select a gourmet version that packs some of the classic, finest quality chocolates, the taste of which will linger in the mouth long after they have melted away. To encourage the chocolate lover in your recipient, you may even choose gift baskets that contain a variety of chocolate goodies, from chocolate-covered treats and chocolate cookies to chocolate cream puffs, mini bars of dark chocolates and much more.

2. Cookies

Are you searching for gifts that blend sweet and crunchy with equal élan? If yes, cookies are your best bet. From fortune cookies and fresh baked ones to the cookies that are dipped in and drizzled with peanut butter, or come coated with chocolates, you will have a lot to take your pick from. In fact, some people consider cookie gifts baskets to be the ideal item for almost any occasion from sympathy and get well wishes to birthday or a themed party. So, this fall, why don’t you take the idea, pick up some customized cookie gift baskets and bring an element of surprise to your gifts?

3. Wine and Beer

No party or festival can be complete without wine and beer. No wonder that wine and beer have always been the top two choices for gift giving.  So, this fall, pick an elegant bottle of wine, wrap it with care, attach a handmade note and send it to your near and dear ones. You may also pick wine and beer gift baskets that comprise of classic wine and some delectable appetizers. Giving vintage wine as a gift could be a good idea, especially if your recipient is a wine lover. Though a few may consider beer gifts as tacky, they are much more than that in reality. There are some independent breweries that offer top quality beers that would be beautiful gifts to give. Else, you can buy customized wine and beer gift baskets from reputed online stores and send them to your loved ones.

4. Fruit Baskets

As almost everyone is looking to eat healthy these days, you can opt for fruit gift baskets this fall. You can buy customized fruit baskets that pack variations of only one type of fruit or select baskets comprising of various fruits to send fall harvest greetings to your loved ones. Organic fruit baskets, fruit and cheese boxes and dried fruits baskets are some of the options that you may consider.

This fall, use these gift ideas to usher in the festive cheer.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

4 Halloween Gift Baskets to Send this Season

Halloween is almost here and you must have started looking for gifts that your loved ones would take pleasure in. But most of you may be struggling to figure out what to gift to your family members and friends. Whether your intended recipients are seniors, couples, young adults, or a group of little children, one sure way to win their hearts is to opt for gift baskets that pack a variety of things and can even be personalized.

Here are some suggestions of Halloween gift baskets – right from candies, sweets and cookies to butter nuts and beans, from which you can take your pick. These baskets are perfect gifts to usher in the festive spirit and spread the cheer all around:
  • Sweets and Chocolates – If you know for sure that your intended recipients have a sweet tooth and can simply die for sweet treats, opting for the Halloween Gift Baskets Tower of sweets is the ideal option. Each of the ebony boxes in this basket is full of chocolates, orange and black pumpkin candies, gourmet caramel popcorn, yogurt dipped pretzels and chocolate truffles. To add to the sweet quotient of the basket, chocolate pumpkin heads are added to each box. The final touch to this gift basket comes in the form of a bright orange ribbon, which would surely make your gift stand out from the crowd.
  • Party must-haves – Halloween Gift Baskets Party Box is a specially designed gift basket for all party lovers. Sour patch kids, chocolate pumpkin heads, peanut butter cups, a salted caramel bar and butter toffee pretzels are what make this basket a perfect gift for Halloween. A cuddly black kitten adds to the cuteness of the entire package.
  • Munchies – If you are planning a great surprise for your friends, Frightful Delights seems to be the best option for you. With a jack-o-lantern container placed right at the center of this basket, this box is overloaded with iced sugar cookies, fresh fruits, snickerdoodle cookies, mini Oreo cookies, peanut butter cups, Godiva dark chocolate caramels and a Kit Kat bar.
  • Customized Halloween gifts – If you want to add a personal touch to the Halloween gift baskets that you plan to send to your near and dear ones, you might consider opting for a customized basket. Gift baskets like Pumpkin Party Gourmet or Halloween Gift Baskets Cauldron could be the perfect choice for the occasion. Being the ideal assortment of a lot of goodies and Halloween delights, which can be customized to fit your needs, these baskets will make sure your recipients know the effort you have put into choosing them. Right from flatbed crisps, butter toffee pretzels, biscotti, brownie and pecan chocolate cookies to raspberry hard candies and delicious chocolate truffles, these baskets are a steal for sure!
This Halloween, use these ideas to pick a gift basket for your loved ones to usher in the festivities, while ensuring that everyone has a ghoulishly good, fun-filled time.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

5 Corporate Gift Ideas for Special Occasions

Choosing gifts for friends and family is an uphill task because you have to consider a lot of factors – from the recipient’s favorites to his/her tastes and preferences. It becomes tougher when you are choosing corporate gifts. Be it for a business partner, your boss or a colleague, selecting a gift that would be loved and cherished by your recipient could be a difficult task. This is because you often don’t know your recipient and his/her preferences. You will have to play it safe with time tested gift baskets while introducing some unique elements to make them stand apart from the rest.
If you are in a dilemma about what would be an ideal corporate gift, here are five ideas to make things easier:
1. Send Flower Bouquets: Whether it’s your boss’s farewell party, an event to celebrate your colleague’s promotion, a meeting with business partners, or a day when you want to say “Thank You” to a superior at work, you just can’t go wrong with flowers. After all, flowers have the ability to touch hearts and they are your best bet to send heartfelt messages to your boss, business associates or co-workers. You may either choose a unicolor bouquet or bring some variety and color with multicolor bouquets comprising of various species of flowers.
2. Yummy Treats: Getting delicious treats is something that almost everyone loves. You can get inspiration from this love for delicious fares and choose freshly made cookies, cakes and treats packed in unique gift baskets for corporate gifting. You may even add a customized note to these unique gift baskets to give them a personal touch.
3. Wine and Beer: A party can’t come to a full circle unless there’s wine and beer. So, whatever be the occasion, you can select some classy wine and beer gift baskets in unique packaging to make your corporate gift beat the competition. If you want to make an impressive impression on your recipient and the price tag isn’t a problem, you can pick some gourmet wine collection to ensure that your gift is noticed and talked about.
4. Thank You Gifts: If your boss, a superior at work, or your colleague sitting in the next cubicle deserves a BIG thank you, nothing works better than “Thank You” gift baskets. You may send bouquets that include flowers in different colors and hues, pick organic fruits with a beautiful thank you card, or opt for some delicious chocolates and munchies to show your gratitude. After all, there’s no better way to convey your gratitude than these little acts of kindness to show that you remember and appreciate how those people have helped you or inspired you to do better.
5. Customized Gifts: Customizing your gifts by adding a personal touch would reveal your warm hearted gesture behind the gift. Whether you pick an assorted pack of cheese, cookies and crackers, or choose a flower bouquet, make sure to get them packed in a customized gift basket with a special note attached to it. This will show that you have taken the time and invested the effort to make your gift really special for your recipient.

Put your thinking caps on and use these ideas to create your own corporate gifts that fit the bill perfectly.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

5 Spirit and Liquor Gift Baskets for Party Lovers

Liquor gift baskets outdo all other gifts, irrespective of the occasion! Whether your recipient loves Scotch, Wine, Margarita or Beer, you will find a quintessential liquor gift basket idea here. Each of these gift baskets include a range of gourmet snacks that are sure to please any palate.

1. Margarita Madness Gift Basket:

A margarita gift basket is perfect for any party. It can include margarita mix and a variety of snacks such as, scrumptious organic multigrain chips, chipotle salsa, and more. Your recipient will thank you for the amazing gift each time they use it to sit back and relax. To add to the experience, you can also include a few margarita recipes that they can try to shake up the taste.

2. Brewed and crafted Gift Baskets:

If your recipient loves to try out different beers and has an obsession for unique tastes then a basket complete with crafted and brewed beers makes a great choice. Combine local brewed beer with a few from across the world and pair them with a variety of scrumptious snacks such as, cheddar crackers, pretzel nuggets, handcrafted popcorn, and more. There is nothing more delightful to a beer lover than a thoughtful gift basket like this.  

3. Classic Red Wine Gift Basket:

A gift basket of classic red wine to send to friends, family, and clients can include a stylish cheeseboard, a couple of fine Italian or French wines, cheese paired with water crackers and nuts. Apart from choosing classic red wines, you can also choose from a range of local wines from California if you want to add a patriotic touch to the basket. 

4. Chocolate and Champaign Gift Coupons:

You can send out a beautiful chocolate and Champaign gift basket for a variety of celebratory occasions such as weddings, engagements, congratulatory and much more. Snuggle in chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, chocolate pastry cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate covered nuts within a basket containing a bottle of one of the finest champagnes. You can even add a pair of wine glasses to add to the goodness. 

5. Vodka Gift Basket:

A bottle of fine vodka makes a great present in itself. But you can always take it to another level by brimming it with a fantastic range of delicious snacks, such as crisp crackers, gourmet cheese, flavorful popcorn, crunchy pretzels, cookies, and chocolate truffles. Irrespective of the occasion, a vodka gift basket is sure to be appreciated.

For a connoisseur or casual liquor lover, these gift baskets are the quintessence of elegance. Whether you decide to go for a velvety red, lively champagne, or brewed beer, your knowledgeable recipients will definitely be impressed. When paired expertly with the best gourmet cheeses, chocolates, nuts, snacks, and more, this gift basket will definitely be a big hit.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

How to make Parents’ Day special this year?

With Father’s Day and Mother’s Day behind us, it is time to celebrate what our parents do best —parenting! The tradition began in the year 1994 when President Clinton signed a resolution into law that recognized and supported the role of parents in the raising of children. Parents’ Day is observed on every fourth Sunday of July, which means it’s just around the corner!

To thank your old folks for everything they have done, you can put together a variety of gifts and activities for them to enjoy.

A basket full of their favorite treats:

If you’re looking for a gift that has sentimental ties then create a gift basket of all their favorite things. Get a container and fill it with their favorite liquor, favorite candy, and a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store. There are endless possibilities and you can keep the contents within your budget. Another thing to throw in will be old pictures that will make them remember the fun times you’ve all had together as a family.

Tea and coffee gift boxes:

For those parents who appreciate the best of both worlds, snuggle in traditional house blend tea with their favorite coffee, inside a basket. You can even add customized mugs, mid-day snacks and muffins to make their daily tea/coffee drinking ritual more fun and entertaining.

All American pies:

Who does not love a pie? If your parents have a sweet tooth, then the best gift for them will be an all American pie baked to perfection. You can either create a pie on your own or can order it through a bakery. You can even send a package directly to your parents’ house and surprise them.

The gift of time:

As parents age their need for material things is replaced by the desire to spend more time with their children and loved ones. In such circumstances, there is no better gift you can offer your parents than the gift of time. Surprise your old folks with a visit. Spend time with them and make pleasant memories. They will cherish the day for a long time.

A road trip:

Family that travels together, stays together. If you have more time to spare than just a Sunday, make sure you plan a road trip together. Rent a bigger vehicle and load it with everything you and your parents will need during the journey. In fact, create a cute travel basket containing your parent’s favorite snacks, drinks and more.  They will appreciate the thought and effort put into making the trip comfortable and enjoyable.

No matter what you do, do not forget to celebrate the day! Bake your old folks a cake, make them dinner, take them out for a trip or just spend the entire day with them. You will feel great and your parents will love the gesture! However, in case you can’t be with them for some reason, send them a beautiful gift basket on the morning of July 26th.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Creative birthday party favors for kids

Your children have probably gotten their share of party favor bags filled with useless junk. When you’re planning your child’s birthday party, you don’t want to waste time and money on party favors that will only end up in the bin. Skip the outdated goodie bags for your kid’s next birthday bash. Here are fresh party favor ideas that young children will actually enjoy and want to keep.

Ice cream sundae

Take plastic tumblers and fill up the bottom with white gift tissue. Then add some goodies such as mini bubbles or tiny erasers. Top it off with candies. A Pixie Stick can become the “straw” and cinnamon candy or wrapped peppermint can become the cherry. 

Gummy skewers

If you plan to go with edible party favors then make the giveaway completely unique with gummy skewers. Simply spear gummy candies onto a lollipop stick or skewer then cover them it with cellophane and top it off with a decorative tape or bow. You can choose from a variety of gummies that look like everything from frogs to fried eggs. You can even make use of gummies that complement the colors or party theme.

A treasure box

Buy wooden boxes and turn them into treasure chests. Fill each container with delicious goodies such as chocolate bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows. To make the container interesting, load up a pencil box with erasers, pencils, crayons, watercolor sets, and stickers. Be as creative as you feel like.

Beauty basket

If you are hosting an all-girl birthday party, there is nothing more enjoyable for the young girls than a pack of beauty products. From flavored lip balm to cute hair accessories, the princess party will relish the glamorous gifts. To add to the beauty baskets, snuggle in yummy treats such as twizzlers, rice krispies and buttery toffees.

Ultimate birthday gift basket

If you want to take it a notch further, create the ultimate birthday party favors. Give away gift baskets complete with balloons, pocket travel games, treats, toys and snacks. No matter their age, your little guests will be ecstatic when they get hold of this perfect birthday favor! 

Festive birthday gift boxes

Celebrate the event with festive birthday-themed boxes. Fill up bright containers with treats such as, gourmet popcorn, pretzels, cookies, and other nostalgic candy. This favor is sure to make your child’s birthday a memorable one!

Theme favors

Use the interests of your child as your guide to create a party favor theme for guests. If your child is a cartoon lover, surround the favors around their favorite cartoon character. If you want to keep your favors ecofriendly, buy mini terracotta pots and fill them up with a small flower or herb for guests to take home.

Celebrating your son or daughter’s birthday with a party is a great way to pamper them. Sending guests home with favors is a great way to thank them for coming over. Customize the favors to the party theme, or to the child’s favorite things, and add mementos so that the guests remember the event for a long time.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Six inexpensive gift ideas for Father’s Day

Buying a gift for dad can be a difficult task. Sure, you can pick him another “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug or a tie. But why not give him something more thoughtful? After all, he’s the guy who’s worked hard to get you where you are today. To help you choose the right gift, we’ve put together a list of ideas that we’re sure will help you turn this Father’s Day into a day he’ll remember for the rest of the year.

Here are some suggestions for every kind of father — from the bourbon aficionado to the outdoorsman, to the tech-savvy.

For the Classic Dad

Every dad loves beer, so make sure he has plenty to go around for the entire day. Buy him a crate to celebrate Father’s Day with you. Also, to make the gift more interesting, supplement the beers with his favorite snacks like a pack of peanuts, smoked almonds, cashews, and the like.

For the Sophisticated Dad

For a dad who enjoys a good sip of scotch, whiskey, or other malt-based alcohol, the best gift is a bottle of fine liquor. You can also create a gift basket adding rocking glasses, a bottle of good quality scotch and range of snacks that complement the drink.  This is a simple yet elegant way of lending as much importance to taste as style.

For the Sports loving Dad

All fathers take their sports very seriously. The best way to help him stay updated with the athlete bios, upcoming games, and exclusive stories pertaining to his favorite teams is to gift him a subscription to his favorite sports magazine. If that’s not enough, you can hand over the subscription gift card with a bunch of goodies that he will love. Add trail mixes, energy drinks, dark chocolates, cashews, and much more to the basket!

Manly munchies for the Diabetic Dad 

There is a wide selection of foods that diabetics can enjoy and relish. If your dad suffers from diabetes, make sure you surprise him with a basket full of sugar free goodies, including sugar free chocolates, gums, candy, jelly belly, caramel popcorn, crackers,  peanuts, veggie sticks, and the like.

For the Groomed Dad

If your dad likes to put his best foot forward, whether in the house or outside, a quality shave kit will definitely impress him. Shaving essentials such as shaving cream, after shave and hair shaving brush, is perfect to keep him looking smooth during business trips as well as during vacations.

For the Dad who loves to Cook and Grill

Some dads absolutely love to cook and if your dad is one of them, then there is nothing like a basket full of grilling goodness. Bring together the best quality gourmet rubs, authentic sauces, a crate of his favorite beer and some tasty treats that he can snack on while manning the grill. Your dad will definitely appreciate this awesome gift.

Celebrate your father with these amazing gift basket ideas! If he loves a good drink and gourmet tasty foods, then he will certainly enjoy these baskets.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Last minute Mother’s day gift ideas

It can be hard to get mother’s day right. You want to buy something that expresses your most sincere appreciation and love, but finding a perfect gift that breaks the clichés can be a little tricky. This year, make sure you pick out more than just a greeting card or a box of chocolates. You must go with something that will keep reminding her of you long after the calendar date (May 11). 

If you’re not sure where to begin, here are some solid ideas that are both easy to buy at the last minute, and which are guaranteed to make her happy. Remember, even if you have a tight budget, or are hard-pressed for time, your mother deserves a little token of thanks that will show her how much you care.

Food baskets

When choosing edible gifts for your mom, go for things that are both practical and delightful. A well-made fruit basket or a freshly made batch of homemade granola will definitely please her palette. When it comes to food baskets, you can be as creative as you want. Include her favorite snacks, treats, and more. Also, snuggle in a souvenir for her to remember you long after the day is over.   

Gift towers

Cute little floral boxes filled to the brim with delicious dry fruits and candies make a great gift for mother’s day. Your mother can use the empty containers to store her jewelry or proudly display them on a side table. One of the best fillers other than dry fruits are chocolates. Pick out a range of Belgian chocolates combined with freshly made batches from your local bakery. Every bite she takes will remind her of the love you have for her.  

Beauty products

Mother’s Day is all about pampering the most caring woman in your life. Pick out a range of natural beauty products such as massage oils, shower gels, natural soaps, perfumes, exotic creams, and the like. You can also snuggle in customized towels and bathroom slippers for an added wow.

Mother’s day cake

If you’re tight on budget and are trying to find something that is delicious and beautiful, a cake is definitely a good idea. Make sure you know her favorite flavor, and order from her favorite bakery. If you are pressed on time, you can get the dessert delivered to her place on May 11. You may not be present with her in person but your gesture will let her know you care.

Wine basket

No mom will ever say no to a glass of fine wine -- especially when paired with some of her favorite appetizers. Use a beautiful cane basket and snuggle in a couple of decadent wine bottles and pair them with chocolate coated strawberries, cheese, bacon, and the like. You can also gift a fine set of wine glasses to add to her collection.

Popcorn tin

A beautiful floral tin filled with your mom’s favorite popcorn flavors is going to be a big hit! To make the deal sweeter add a couple of DVD’s of her favorite movies paired with a bottle of fine wine. This movie night basket is going to put a smile on her face anytime she decides to use it.

At the end, every mother deserves to be pampered and celebrated for the years she has put in to raise a family. Make sure she knows how much you respect her sacrifice by making her day delightful and happy. Spend time with her and indulge her in the most loving way.  

Monday, 20 April 2015

Birthday gifts that will make her jump with joy!

A special someone's birthday is right around the corner and even though you’ve been together so long, you're at an absolute loss when it comes to choosing a perfect birthday gift. No matter how much you care, choosing a birthday gift can be a little nerve-racking. Should you take the tech route, or should you gift her something more thoughtful and romantic? Here are some exciting gift ideas that will make her jump with joy!

Wine gift basket

If she loves a glass of fine wine with dinner, chances are she'll love a basket containing a cool collection of quality wines. Match a collection of reds and whites that suit her palate the best. You can even snuggle in her favorite snacks such as chocolate truffles, cookies, crisps, roasted salted mixed nuts, cheese, olives, and the like. 

Cookies with birthday balloons - The mid-day surprise!

Surprise her with a decadent basket of cookies and birthday balloons when she least expects it. An assortment of scrumptious cookies with flavors from dark chocolate to salted-butter and chocolate chips will squarely hit her brain's reward centers (through the sweet tooth). At the same time, a bunch of customized colorful balloons are going to make her feel even more special. 


Chocolate, the most gratifying word for a lady will surely make a delightful treat for her as a gift. Even better, you can personalize your own pack by adding in her favorite chocolate treats. Don’t know her taste? Buy assorted packs containing different flavors. Snuggle in truffles, dark chocolates, milk chocolates, and flavored treats.


Women love popcorn. Whether it’s a huge cinema snack, a bag at lunch, or of the curiously-flavored posh variety, it’s a definite winner. So, create a thoughtful basket of instant gourmet popcorn in a variety of different flavors. 

Beauty Essentials

Whether she’s getting ready for a day at the office or is prepping for a night out, a kit of beauty essentials will make her stand out and look her best. Not sure what she’ll love? You can always ask a female friend or your mom to help you assemble the right kit. For starters, you can add in a range of beauty products such as essential oils, moisturizers, shower soaps, gels, and perfume to the package. 

A Getaway

There is no bigger gift than the gift of time. Plan a short getaway on her birthday. Treat her to a private suite in a hotel and spoil her with your affection and deep love. If she loves the outdoors, then plan a picnic with her. Arrange a big basket filled to the brim with a variety of sandwich fillings, crackers, crispies, pretzels, bread, and more. Don’t forget to snuggle in a bottle of fine wine to celebrate the wonderful occasion. By the end of your little trip, you will have one pampered and happy partner.

Plan a Party at home

Invite a handful of her friends to a night of complete debauchery. Indulge in Champaign and make sure you have plenty of food to last the entire night. To add to the thoughtfulness, arrange for small giveaways as a reminder of this eventful night. You can buy under $30 gourmet gifts from reputed sellers online.    

When it comes to buying a birthday gift for her, what you really have to do, irrespective of her age, is make sure you’ve put some thought into it. Just make sure you give her something that fits in with her taste and palette. This will surely make the gift a big hit!