Friday, 24 January 2014

A Little Creativity for your Loved One

Choosing a gift for your Valentine can be stressful. You also face the dilemma of what to write on the card. You are torn between feelings and wonder if your gift and the message are common, or are they too suggestive. Deciding on the right gift is definitely a problem.

Before you decide on a gift, there are some important things you need to consider: One is you relationship and the other is your budget.

Remember, a Valentine’s gift can make your relationship, or break it! So put some thought in the choice of gift, but do not ignore the fact that Valentine’s Day means affection and love. So whatever you give should convey affection or love, again this would depend on what your relationship is with that special person.

A homemade gift goes a long way in conveying your affection. It will demonstrate warmth and love, and there are all possibilities that your gift will be cherished. But choosing the right thing to make can be tricky. There is always the worry that how your beau will react to the homemade gift. Will there be appreciation of the effort that has gone into it or will it not make much of an impression?

If you are having doubts about your man, do not worry. Actually, men are much more sentimental than they allow us to know. Behind that tough exterior, they are actually no different from women. So unveil your creative side, and show your Valentine how you feel and how special you think he is.

Here are some creative ideas that can make your Valentine’s Day special, and at a low cost too!

If you are well versed in a craft such as knitting, graphics, or sewing, now is the time to use it. Dwell on his interests, think about his likes and dislikes and then weave them into your Project Gift! You can:

  • Embroider his initial on a gym towel if you Valentine is a gym-junkie.
  • Knit a hat of wool if he like hiking and trekking.
  • If your man is a foodie, you could cook a special dinner and serve it in candle light. To add a romantic touch, cut the bacon into the shape of hearts. This will definitely bring a smile to his lips.
  • Keys and glasses always end up being scattered around the house. You could make a creative small stand to that will hold the keys and glasses.
  • If your Valentine is fond of wearing suits, you could personalize his cufflinks with his initials on it.
  • Collect all the pictures you have of him and some of your own. Create an album with the help of graphics. You can join the pictures of yours and his make different photographs depicting the various happy moments. This will also create a romantic feeling on Valentine’s Day.
  • If both of you are fond of beer, you could get membership to a beer club that will keep you informed about the new brews in the market and you will get to taste them at a discount too.   
  • Use your culinary streak and prepare a four course dinner for the two of you. Do not forget to light those romantic candles. You could go in for some of the oil candles with aphrodisiac scents. There is a variety available - pink lotus, dark vanilla, or bourbon.  

These ideas are sure to spice up your Valentine’s Day. But remember, you need to start early. Procrastination will only increase your stress level and reduce your creativity. Waiting until the last minute can send the wrong message and you just do not want that, right?

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Get Set for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Are you dating someone? Is there someone special in your life now? If the answer to these questions is “yes” then, you need to acknowledge Valentine's Day. It is expected of you to give a present to that special person. There is no way you can get away saying that Valentine's Day is just another Hallmark holiday, and nobody really believes in it. No, no, no. Time up for those thoughts! Now you need to show some action.

There is nothing more than showing your loved one that you care. Be it your lady love or the man in your life, you need to show them you love them, you care for them, and will be ready to go that extra mile to make them happy.

What is better than making them feel real special on Valentine’s Day. Oh, don’t shrug this article off saying “there’s a lot of time for that.” You never know, time just flies when you get busy settling down after the Christmas season.

Don’t let busy schedules make you late

There is always a lot to do after Christmas, and we tend to get so busy at work and in no time Valentine’s Day looms over you and you have not thought of anything. Then comes the usual dilemma of what to buy, the hurried shopping trip and succumbing to buying a present that will keep you in doubt till the end.

And if you have bought an MP3 player, you sure expect an “aww this is so nice.” But when he opens and says “oh, I wanted a tab”- that’s it! You go all red and wish you had time for some more thought and the “why didn’t I think about that!” stuff.  All this is because you did not have the time to think, see the signs or just dwell on what your beau would like.

The trick is that you need to start early, and this is the right time for that. Your Valentine is so special; you don’t really want to give them something boring like a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day.  This age old idea of a gift is probably a weak effort if you are looking for romance.

What you need is a gift that is a commensurate with your relationship level!

Take time to think about your relationship

If you have been out only a few times, you need to gift something playful or funny.

If you have been together for a while now, it is for sure that your beau will expect something sentimental. And definitely, a handwritten message is a must!

Remember, that most women compare their Valentine’s gifts with their friends. You don’t want your friend to look awkward, do you? So give her something that will give other an opportunity to cluck over.

Your present should not be what you would like, but something that your beau would like. For instance, if you like basketball, and she is a Broadway show fan, please do not get her tickets to a basketball game. This is not the time to rationalize and get to see your favorite game.

Think of the money you can spend on the gift to your Valentine. If your hands are tight, you should go in for something creative that would touch the sentiments of that special person in your life. Everyone likes goodies and a little of their favorite drink as a present. Try one of the gourmet gift baskets that would suit your budget! If this is also not within your budget, set some candles and run a hot bath with some background music for a romantic Valentine evening!