Thursday, 25 April 2013

First Birthday Gifting Ideas

Selecting gifts for a baby’s first birthday can be a tough task. Since first birthdays only happen once, most people look for gifts that would have some repeat value, which the babies would love and their parents will treasure. If you too are in a dilemma about the right choice of gifts for a similar occasion, here are some ideas from which you may take your pick.

Stuffed toys

Be it a girl or a boy, a baby would love stuffed toys. Bunnies, teddy bears, doggies, you name it and you can have it. Available in different sizes and colors, these toys are often decked up in attires that are sure to strike the right chord with their little owners.

Bath items

It’s often an uphill task to get the little one take a bath. You can ease the process by gifting items that make bathing more fun and a thing to look forward to. You may take your pick from baby soaps, baby bubble bath etc, along with attires to deck the baby after a bath which could include a baby hat, baby t-shirt, super soft slippers and terry robes etc. You can also search for stuffed farm and feathered friends, which float in the bath, and can encourage the toddlers to identify colors and make them learn how to count. In brief, look for unique gift baskets that pack items aimed to offer hours of bath time fun for the babies.

Educational toys

Catch them young – if you believe the phrase, it’s time to search for some games and toys that let the babies get started with their first lessons, albeit in a playful mode. You may select from the wide variety of alphabet blocks, building blocks, color blocks, and puzzles for toddlers that are available in the market and wholesale gift shops.


Most one-year-olds are just learning to stand up on their feet, while a few others may be a bit ahead in their walking skills. All these babies would love a walker that they can hold and get support while walking. Unlike a stationery coffee table, the walker would move in accordance with the baby’s pace and offer the little one company. If you can design a walker wagon, it would make walking all the more fun as the little one can then carry along his/her favorite toys while he/she takes a walk around the home.

Musical items

While parents can always put music on their mobiles or play CDs to get their baby introduced and accustomed to music, it would nevertheless be great to receive musical instruments and toys as gifts, which are specifically meant for babies. If you agree on this line, you can search for items that let the babies enjoy their favorite music, and encourage them to explore more variations of the music, which in turn could help develop better hand-eye coordination. You may also shop for lullaby lambs, rattles etc that will help the baby drift into a peaceful slumber with ease. 

Sports and other gift items

Most baby boys can’t have enough of their cars and sports items like balls, baseball caps etc, while baby girls are almost inseparable from their Barbie dolls and toy kitchen sets. There are some items like cotton bodysuits, radio flyer mini wagon stuffed with toys, play foods made of felt etc that are among the favorites of almost all babies. So, these are some other first birthday gifting ideas that you may explore.


Kid’s swing, baby sleeping bags, baby blankets, a play gym/playhouse for the toddler etc are some other ideas worth a try. So, use these gift ideas and give them a tweak, if needed, to make them suitable for the baby’s first phase of learning through play, which would make that first birthday memorable.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Put together your basket full of flowers and gifts

Flowers have always been quintessential gifts, as they could be picked for any occasion. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, wishing someone a speedy recovery from illness, homecoming, or any other special occasion, you can always put together a colorful bunch of flowers to convey your message and wishes. You may even opt for unique gift baskets that pack flowers and some other gift items that suit your intended recipient’s preference and help you give a personalized touch to your gift. 

Customized gift baskets packed with flowers

Most people prefer to opt for customized gift baskets that pack a wide variety of flowers in different colors, textures, and fragrances to uplift the mood of your recipients, and bring a sense of joy in their lives. Different wholesale gift shops offer different options to take your pick from. Pink roses, white carnations, pink/white snapdragons, mini-carnations, daisy pompoms, lavender cremons, campanula, assorted asters, and assorted greens are some common choices that are available for those who love their novel gift baskets to display a riot of colors. 

In case you are looking for a toned down version that isn’t too bright and yet has a soothing look, you may choose to go with assortments of blue limonium, purple and pink campanula, leather leaf, and tree fern.
In case you want to give the staple dose of roses a miss, some good alternatives could be gift baskets that pack lilies. Thanks to their spectacular look, and a pleasing fragrance, lilies make for an exceptional gift. In case you want to pack a few goodies, chocolates, cookies etc, throwing in some lilies would enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your personalized gift basket. 

Other gifts that encourage a gastronomic journey

Other gift ideas that you can consider include gourmet gift baskets, organic baskets, fruit gift baskets, coffee baskets, wine and beer baskets, among others. Chocolates, cookies, crunchies etc can be packed in a gourmet gift basket to appease the taste buds of your recipients. For health conscious people, organic food items would be a prudent choice. Sugar free gifts would be ideal for people suffering from diabetes. Coffee and tea connoisseurs can be gifted baskets that pack their favorite beverages. You may also consider wine and beer baskets as they can enhance the fun quotient of a special event. 

Novel gift baskets

Spa gifts, sport gift baskets, home decoration items, coaster gifts, CD labels are some other items that are not run-of-the-mill gifts, and are yet sure to be cherished by your recipients. While spa gifts can pave the way for your recipients to enjoy a blissful spa experience at home, sport gift baskets are the ideal choice for sports enthusiasts who either love to play their favorite game, or like to cheer their team at play along with their friends and family. 

Home decoration items, coasters gifts, CD labels etc too can make up for good gifts, and you can pack them with a flower gift basket, thereby designing a novel gift that would grab eyeballs and stand apart from the crowd. 

In case all these sound to be an uphill task, you can always choose a gift shop that offers gift assistance to help you choose the right gift that fits both the occasion and your intended recipient’s tastes, without overshooting your budgetary constraints. 

Whether you choose an exclusive flower bouquet, other gifts, or a gift basket that packs flowers and your chosen delicacies, you can make it all the more special if you give it a personal touch. Many gift shops offer personalized message gift services, which you can use when you prepare to send special gifts. So, go ahead and choose your novel gift baskets using some ideas as mentioned above.