Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Gift Baskets That Can Make Your Relationship Sweeter

February is often called the month of love, when you get the ideal excuse to celebrate love and romance. Whether you have just found your partner, or have been going steady in a relationship for years’ now, this month gave you the perfect chance to plan ahead and make your relationship deeper, sweeter, and more passionate. 

However, it could often prove to be an uphill task to choose gifts that would be loved by that special person in your life and make the bond sweeter and stronger – all at the same time. So, if you faced a dilemma about what to buy and went on with a not-so-impressive gift this Valentine’s Day, or had you missed it altogether at all, here are some ideas that can make that up for good.

If your partner has a sweet tooth, gift baskets that pack an assortment of delicious chocolates could be an unmatched treat. Not only will it satiate the palate, and tempt the senses, but can also take the romance to a whole new level. Though many may shun chocolates as a sin and a necessary evil, there are a handful of those who can ignore the call to pop a mouthful of these tempting delicacies. Since there can be a wide array of chocolate goodies, starting from pure chocolate bars of Ghirardelli and Godiva to southern pecan torte chocolates and chocolate-covered treats like pretzels and truffles, it would be a prudent move to know about your partner’s preferences before you try finding the right chocolate gift basket to up the romance quotient.

Cookie bouquets can be a good idea if you and your partner prefer to steer clear of chocolates but wouldn’t miss out on munching freshly baked cookies. Starting from peanut butter cookies and cookies coated with sugar, to the ones with pink, white, or red colored frosting, you can munch them away to your heart’s content and have a crunchy romance! The only flip side could be that some cookies may need you to gobble them up all on the same day as the manufacturer demands they taste best when eaten on the day of delivery. So, make sure to order wisely or you may end up wasting both your money and the cookies. 

Flowers are yet another win-win treat, which can bring a dash of fresh fragrance and add some color to your life. You may opt for the classic red rose bouquet, or add some variety by buying multi-colored ones that pack roses, pompoms, alstroemeria, mini-carnations, campanula, assorted asters etc. Remember, wooing your partner with flowers is a time-tested formula and even though some people may look down upon it as an old and boring move, you can hardly go wrong with it.

If you want to plan a cozy evening and enthrall your partner by cooking dinner, ordering a wine or beer basket could be a good choice. This way, you can enjoy the quiet company at home, while sipping on the beverages and watching a movie together or better still, being partners in the kitchen to rustle up that favorite dish of yours. 

In case both of you love the outdoors and have a penchant for sports, find some gift baskets that pack sports equipment for enthusiasts. Be it basketball, golf, or tennis, you will surely find something or the other to fit your needs and budget. If you would rather prefer to sit on the sidelines and simply cheer your team in the Super Bowls, you can get gift baskets that pack organic fruits or cookies and other delicacies to keep your energy levels high while you cheer your lungs out to support your team.

What matters in the end is how you plan to spend time and make it special and attractive for your partner with your unique gift baskets. So, put on your thinking cap to buy the right gift and woo that special person in style.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Gift Baskets to Flatter Your Love

When you are in love, chances are that you will see everything through rose-tinted glasses that make them seem doubly special and beautiful. But don’t float in your dream world beyond a certain point or you may miss out on flattering your love with unique gifts. Wondering what’s that fuss all about when you have already got that special someone in your life? Well, you need to plan things carefully and act accordingly to keep the romance going strong. 

Showering gifts on your partner from time to time will show him/her how much you value his/her presence in your life. If you sit back and do nothing after the initial excitement has died down, it won’t be long before you two start drifting apart. After all, romance is all about praising each other, complimenting on small things, finding excuses to spend time together, or sometimes, simply going with the flow without looking for any excuses to do so. Though you can do all these with small gestures and words, gifts too can help you in your endeavor. 

Loving your partner more passionately and fully means keeping his/her preferences in mind when you buy gifts. Most men can’t do without their staple dose of sports, while women can be floored with flower, perfumes, and chocolates. So, if your man has a penchant for golf, or loves cheering his team in the Super Bowl, search for gift baskets that pack items to let him enjoy some quality me-time; either with you, or in the company of his friends. 

For example, you can buy a mini golf bag for your golf enthusiast and pack it up with delicious treats that he can enjoy both on and off the course. Another idea could be to buy gift baskets that include most of the necessary gears and accessories to tee off in style. For the woman in your life, you can shop around to buy her favorite flower bouquet, or perfume, or a bagful of chocolates. Better still, you can pack all these to create your very own unique gift basket to enthrall and flatter her – all at the same time! 

Women often want their men to spend quality time with them. If you are up for it, cook her a romantic, private dinner in your home. Lay the table as best as you can, light some candles, put some flower in the vase, and her favorite music on the music player, and you will be all set to mesmerize her with a difference. You can order some fine wine baskets if you think your partner would want to wash down the dinner with a glass of red or white wine. 

If your relationship is going steady for years’ now and both of you would love to get cozier, setting up a bubble bath at home by ordering spa gift baskets or making arrangement for a couple’s spa are other ideas worth a try. After all, who wouldn’t love to get pampered when you have your lover for company? 

If you are already excited with the anticipation of a time of romantic togetherness, start your homework today. You can go online to search for the desired gift baskets, and place your orders with your chosen gift shop. You will soon get them delivered right at your doorsteps. However, keep it a secret from your partner as the element of surprise will make the entire gift giving experience all the more sweeter. So, if you are ready to flatter your love in unmatched style, get set to act on the ideas shared above. 

Here’s wishing you the Best of Luck!